Are you dealing with Fire Drills? Disaster Recovery? Negative Brand Image?

Are you ready to change from a reactive to a proactive approach?

Do your engineers feel the current processes are a waste of time?

Do your engineers understand how the processes support a quality design?

Are your current processes a never-ending brainstorming event?

Do you want to feel confident the processes provided reliable results?

Find out if you’re ready to benefit from any of my programs!


Mastery Programs

5 Proven Steps to
Benefit from Design Failure Modes and
Effects Analysis.

Meet Industry Standards and eliminate debates, while meeting design requirements.

Is this you?

  • I am currently doing
    everything “they” tell me to do, but it seems like a
    paperwork exercise.
  • I am completing the FMEA analysis but field issues show weaknesses in the process.
  • My customer wants me to improve the FMEA analysis, but I provided what I know.

Mastery Programs

Design Review Based on Failure Modes and GD3 Methodologies

Transform your analysis process into a value added engineering tool that delivers Reliable Products!

Is this you?

  • I take time completing the analysis process, but it doesn’t help me make better design decisions.
  • The analysis process rules limit the technical discussion that could identify and resolve cross functional issues.
  • I want to define design,validation and manufacturing actions in the same process.

Mastery Programs

Process Flow Diagram (PFD), (PFMEA) and Control Plans (PCP) Methodologies.

Master the natural flow of information that delivers Reliable Processes and Products.

Is this you?

  • I struggle to find time completing process documents while resolving daily emergencies.
  • There are so many processes I am required to complete and I don’t understand the connection.
  • I have to worry about ISO issues and customer issues, how do I do both?


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“Bill has a thorough understanding of the GD3 methodology and I consider him an expert in both DRBFM and DRBTR.”

-Tatsuhiko Yoshimura
Previous Global Executive Director, QRD (Quality, Reliability and Durability)
General Motors and Retired Toyota Executive
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“Bill’s extensive experience with reliability methods and detailed training approach provides engineers knowledge and confidence they can utilize in their daily work.”

-Brian Littman
Systems and Reliability Group Manager
Beckman Coulter