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APQP & PPAP Core Tools Workshop


Advanced Product Quality Planning

APQP (Advanced Product Quality Planning) is a structured method that defines and establishes the steps necessary to ensure products meet requirements and customer expectations. There are (6) major sub-sections for APQP: Preparation; Planning and Defining; Product Design and Development; Process Design and Development; Product and Process Validation; and Feedback, Assessment, and Corrective Action. There is a natural linkage of information between all (6) sub-sections, and this training will define how the various quality tools and processes all flow and work together.

This APQP course outlines a discipline and logical set of guidelines and explains the connection with the systems engineering Vee model. Both APQP and Systems Engineering recommend the same phases of product and process development and implementing a common set of core tools. and processes all flow and work together.

Production Part Approval Process

Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) is a valuable tool for establishing confidence in suppliers and their design and production processes. The documentation on the PPAP package is aligned with the Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) process used during the design and development of new products and component systems to reduce the risk of unexpected failure due to errors in design and manufacture. Initially PPAP was utilized by the automotive and aerospace industries but is now being utilized by several industries to improve communication and provide quality products.

PPAP defines the approval process for new or revised parts, or parts produced from new or significantly revised production methods. The PPAP process requirements can vary based on the customer but industry standards define the core elements required for approval of production level parts. The resulting PPAP submission provides the evidence that the supplier has met or exceeded the customer’s requirements and the process is capable of consistently reproducing quality parts.

The process of completing a PPAP submission is a detailed process that is a collection of key elements that must be completed to verify that the production process will produce a quality product. Every element is not always required for every submission. Requirements of the PPAP are usually negotiated during the quoting process. ReliaTrain experience will provide confidence the PPAP package is complete and correct based on the first submission.

This live workshop is under development and more information will be available soon. Contact Bill Haughey at 810-516-1157 or for more information.